Sunday, August 2, 2015

New Football

My titles are horrible. I'm sorry. I will try to think of them more during the week. I played soccer today, so it was the only thing on my mind. But this week was pretty killer! We got a new batch of missionaries from the Provo and Johannesburg(?) MTCs. We also sent home like a billion. I think like 22. Not exactly a billion, but it seems all my American buddies on mission are heading out and gone. But that leaves more room for the new generation of Ghanaian missionaries to preach the Gospel, haha. Now...

To the Week!

We came back and taught Brother P a little more, mostly spent time getting his baptismal information from him, Stories left and right with this guy, he's so fantastic. I also bought a Sprite! Truly living the life of luxury here.

We talked to P again  (warning, we taught him a lot this week) and confronted a lot of concerns that it seems random people have just came and attacked him with. He's so fantastic though! He just told them to worry about themselves and let him follow Jesus Christ! Man! Totally killer! Then we were teaching A about the Law of Chastity, when this random Muslim guy named A came in and started asking questions! He is actually like a super educated guy in the sense that he actually knows what he believes! He was sharing all of these things that they believed and it just struck me how many truths he did have. In the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we simply invite others to take to the truths they know and to add more, and it was such a powerful lesson! Powerful spirit from everyone. We gave him a Book of Mormon, and hope to see him again. 

We saw P (surprise!) and finally finished getting all of his information for his baptism. We also actually went contacting for a little bit and found a couple of people that we plan on coming back to see, but I'm not sure how much fruit it'll bear. We also taught R that having weakess is not a sin. 

We taught PC, who called last Sunday and asked to be baptized. She had a lot of underlying concerns and misunderstandings, and it seems it might take a little while to help her clear up her thoughts. Then we taught N and J,  and I feel like we have set up a super solid ground to get them finally off their feet and to the church. Then we ran through baptismal interview questions with our candidates this week to help prepare them. 

We had zone training and met our 2 new missionaries! Elder Smith and Elder Skelton, both fresh from the MTC and straight to Ghana. Afterwards we had food at the Senchi apartment, and when we went back I was with Elder Tyokolwana while he interveiwed our candidates while Elder Ojaide and Elder Smith went on an exchange to teach.

We baptized P! So great! He's such a stud! Had to baptize him a couple of times because he didn't plug his nose the first time, which kind of made me panick, but it was still a good service.

Then we went to market and contacted a few people, went to see a less active member for a few minutes, and then we went to grab Sister D for a member present lesson, and we were waiting for like an hour and a half when it turns out she made us banku and ebenkwa (palm nut soup) which was super good! Then we went to teach an investigator and this random guy just joins in and tries to convince us that everything is about the spirit (without understanding the spirit) and then tries to convince us that pretty much everything we need is in the books of Acts, 1st and 2nd Corinthians. Took forever. 

We confirmed P in church, and I was spontaneously asked to give a talk on the plan of salvation for 20 minutes, which turned out pretty OK. Then I spontaneously was asked to teach Sunday School, and I'm hoping it turned out the same way. After church we had branch council, which took a while, then we were able to see P, and then we planned for the month and the week.
We went to get gas, and then had some soccer with the zone! I am a horrible goalee! They scored on me twice. I'm a better forward, ugh. Haha.

As for the week's spiritual thought, it seems that I have been reading a lot about the forgiveness of God and His greatness in Mosiah. Specifically Mosiah 26, if you'll do the reading. In Mosiah's (modified) words, we are so indebted to Christ, that there is no way we could ever pay Him back. But we are still given the beautiful gift of forgiveness every time we repent and point our desires back to God.

I love you all! I hope you're having a great time!

Elder Harris

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