Monday, August 24, 2015

A New Favorite Scripture, Acts 6:8

Forgive me please... This week I have taken no pictures... I have sinned. I will try harder to take pictures this coming week!  This week was really simple though, so the email might not be as long. 

Also, I think I have found a new favorite scripture. Acts 6:8, "And Stephen, full of faith and power, did great wonders and miracles among the people." Truly a divine scripture that I think even applies to my life today.

I have been making a greater effort to learn the local languages this week compared to other weeks. I have learned some basic phrases in Ewe and fewer in Twi, and the people here are always so excited when they see the Ubruni (white man) trying to speak the language. It's pretty intimidating though. It turns out, not only the verbs need to be conjugated, but ALSO THE NOUNS. Everything has conjugation in Ewe, and I think I am doomed always to only speak a few key phrases. Sigh... I can doo iit! 

This coming week we are preparing for four baptisms, and are really excited! EY, AA, BH and RG are all on their way this week!  A truly prepared and powerful bunch!

As for the week:

We had zone training, and we talked about having the ability to identify the spirit and being able to help our investigators and others to feel the spirit as well. We also taught SA, who is this fantastically energetic investigator with excessively large amounts of excitement and energy. We are hoping that she is one of these truly prepared people! Praying for some good happenings here! Then we saw EY, and pretty much removed any doubts we had about him. 

Oatmeal for breakfast, and I don't think I'll continue to buy cinnamon. It's not exactly very potent here. Spent the rest of my subsistence on food, of course, and even got some milk powder. I'll see how it tastes and works. Is it truly worth it? Hmmm! Well, today, we also taught 7 lessons, most of which were very basic. We even found another person who we think will have great potential in the future! Look for SA in further emails.

Aaand the rest of the week passed really quickly and I think I am out of time to email, so I will finish with the spiritual thought! Another reason to forgive me!!

For a spiritual thought this week I think something that has really struck me is the power that comes from a pure and basic testimony. As long as a testimony on something is acquired, knowledge and guidance for it will follow. I have watched the recent converts grow in their ability to bear testimony in the simply truths of the gospel, and I have been able to watch it bless and change their lives in so many ways.

Goodbye! I luffs you all! God loves you more!
Mawu ne yirow! (God bless you!)

Elder Harris

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