Thursday, November 17, 2016

Ghana Minister of Health Commends LDS Charities


Honorable Alex Segbefia, Ghana’s Minister of Health, recognized The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for its “splendid collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Ghana Education Service by providing diabetes screening for many students in Ghana”. The Minister was the keynote speaker for a celebration of World Diabetes Day on November 14, held at Ada Community Center, in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana.
LDS Charities, the humanitarian arm of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day-Saints, is working with the Ghana National Diabetes Association to complete a diabetes screening project for students in second cycle schools throughout Ghana.
On the June 12, 2015 the Second Lady of Ghana, Mrs. Matilda Amissah-Arthur launched the diabetes screening project at the Aggrey Memorial secondary school in Cape Coast.  Screening teams are comprised of nurses from the Ministry of Health, as well as trained volunteers from local stakes and districts (similar to a diocese) of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The teams conduct free screening, education and counselling in selected second cycle schools throughout Ghana. The goal of this project is to identify youth with diabetes, teach them to manage their disease, as well as reduce future risk by educating students and families.
Students, families, guests and dignitaries enjoyed a cultural celebration performed by young people from villages near Big Ada, as part of the celebration.
Mrs. Elizabeth Esi Denyoh, President of National Diabetes Association - Ghana reported “more than 34,000 people, from 20 villages near Ada have been screened in the past two days”. She reported screening has been done in many second cycle schools in the Central, Greater Accra and Eastern regions. Mrs. Denyoh thanked the Church for their continued support.
Philip Xaxagbe, Ghana Director of Public Affairs for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints told guests “As a church, we believe the strength of a nation depends on its youth, they are the future”. 

Monday, January 11, 2016

Week in a B

Finding foods starting with a B is becoming more difficult than I imagined. I need assistance on topic line finding. Please, peoples, give me ideas!

The week was fantastic, I am coming to love my new companion, Elder Akichi, more every day! We are having a blast! It is weird having language study though, to help him with his English. My mind is blown by this.  I try to find ways to help him with English, but he's already pretty proficient. Pretty much just a resource for big words, haha. But it's AWESOME!

I made custard in the week. Not as talented as I thought I would be, but I'll figure it out eventually. Practice makes perfect. Anyways...


After emailing we went to see Be, and it turns out Ma was back! She'd said she wanted to be baptized before she left, so it was super good to see her again!

We had district council, and afterwards saw Sa and Vr, who we committed to baptism. It's funny, Elder Akichi forgets who has baptismal dates, so he will often extend a baptismal date to people who already have one, haha. Anyways, after we saw them, we saw Ic, and his buddy, Dd, joined in on the lesson, and it turns out Dd has a brother who's a member! Also extended a date to them. Then we saw Sr, and El came to translate for us, and we taught her about the gospel of Christ, which she accepted very well. Then we saw Ca, and prepared to baptize her later in the week! Then we saw Em's family, and taught her mother the first lesson, and it seems she is slowly progressing! She said she'll come to her children's baptism for sure! We'll see how the spirit catches her!

We went to market, after language study, and then went to see Bn, and taught him about the restoration of the Gospel. He's a retired teacher, so he understood very well, and seemed to desire to know if what we told him is true, so we'll check on him next week. Then we failed a heck of a lot of appointments and went to quickly visit Pk at the close of the day.

We taught Sa about where we go after we die, and committed him to come to church. He wants to be involved in missionary work! Then we saw Cn, a guy who contacted us while he was drunk, and taught him about the first lesson. He understood remarkably well, and seems like he might progress in the future. Then we taught a couple of Muslim guys who had questions about Christianity, and who Christ was. Then we saw Sr with El again, and taught her about the plan of salvation and the word of wisdom. Even though she doesn't speak English, she still understands the doctrine remarkably well. It's fantastic! Then I taught the institute class about Moses and the exodus from Egypt. Then we taught Ca about all of the commandments and clarified her baptismal details. 

Our district leader interviewed Ca, and she passed! Then we had to talk with her to clear up some of the false doctrine she had learned in said interview. Sigh. Then we saw Be and Ma again and committed Ma to be baptized! Then we dropped by Je and taught him about the Priesthood. Then we saw Pk's wife, and taught her about baptism. Dang, she's stubborn, but she can possibly learn very well! Then we saw Ie and her family and set a baptismal date with her, for quite some time in the future, like March (not sure if she'll keep that, even), but committed her to come to her children's baptism! Then we saw Er and Ja, and made sure everything was good there. 

We opened up by seeing Aa, and committing her to a baptismal date. Then we saw La, and started to teach her, and it seems she has a genuine interest in the Book of Mormon. Then we taught Cn about the story of the Book of Mormon, and then we saw Dd, who is a fantastic learner, but we'll see how far he progresses. Committed him to baptism later in the month, or in February. He's got a genuine interest in the message, and his brother is there to help him as well! Then we saw the landlady, Gs, and taught her about the restoration, followed by Vr who seems to have a powerful desire to change his life. I think he can make baptism before I go, even! Fantastic guy! Then we went to chapel cleaning, and closed for the day.

I spoke in Sacrament, and taught Sunday School. Not my best day of teaching I think. Afterwards, we had Cy's baptism! Wonderful stuff! Finally decided to use my white trousers too, which was good! Then we taught Ge and Saviour with El about temples, and they want to go be sealed! Best thing! Then we had weekly planning and closed for the day.

I've been thinking a lot this week about unconditional love. It's so important to show the pure love and charity of Christ to all people. We are commanded to forgive, and treat others as we would be treated. All people deserve the love and care we can offer, no matter what previous feelings we may have, or predispositions. 

Anyways, love you all!
Rock it!

Elder Harris

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

How Big is Africa?

From the Ghana MTC blog:

Big.  Far too many people outside of Africa think of it as a country rather than as a continent.  It is huge!

Monday, January 4, 2016

Week in a Bagel

I decided I might occasionally title weeks according to different foods that start with B. I might change the letter as well, but I am truly title lacking. Anybody with title strategies please tell me. 

The week was a bit rough to be honest. Long story short my companion Elder Harvey went home due to medical issues and death in the family. It's hard to watch the people you love suffer, but God will support him through and through.

I did get a new companion though! Elder Akichi is from Ivory Coast, and a native French speaker! He's great, 23 and has been on mission for a year now. I've been told I'll be transferred from JCity in 6 weeks, and he'll be the senior companion after I leave, so I just get to train him in the area and go! It's weird, knowing that I'm going to be leaving JCity, but it just means I've got that much more work to do until the end! 

I also asked Elder Akichi if he liked brownies, and the response was, "What is... brownie?" I have serious work to do. Thankfully, I have a microwave brownie recipe that I can put into action. I love the guy already and am looking forward to a fantastic transfer.

To the week: 

Instead of district council, President Heid had everybody clean their apartments and update the area book. Then we went out to teach Gy about lesson two and gave her a baptismal date. Not sure she'll keep to it, but it's good to keep her progressing toward something. Then we went to Accra so Elder Harvey could see a doctor, and while I was there I cut Elder Morris' hair! Picture to be included!

The Sanders fed us pancakes, which was wonderful! Then we saw the doctor, and went to KCity for a dinner the district held for us, where we talked with branch presidents about what we could do to coordinate better.

We went to brother Ai's place to teach him and his wife, and ended up waiting a while for him to prepare food that he insisted on feeding us. It was so much I couldn't finish, and almost offended him. Eeesh, scary stuff.  Then we saw Jf, and he invited a friend, Rj to the lesson, and he was totally killer! He practically extended the commitments himself, and told her he'd come pick her up for church. Then we saw El, and talked about the temple, and found out he really wanted his Patriarchal Blessing! Powerful guy. Then we saw Aa and Jt, and dropped by Em's to close off the day.

We figured out the process of Elder Harvey going home, and spent time packing, and getting a couple things for him, and then went to teach Geo and his wife Sr, and both are committed to baptism! Then we said a bunch of goodbyes, saw a less active, and then closed the day.

The district, and even zone leaders came in the morning to say goodbye to Elder Harvey, and then I picked up Elder Akichi! We first taught Pe, and clarified her confusion on the Fall, and how God had planned for Adam to take the fruit. Then we saw Dl, who expressed a desire to be baptized, as long as he can stay in town long enough. Then we helped at the chapel cleaning, and then went to visit Em again before we closed for the day. Em is a recent convert from ACity, and we are planning on baptizing her little sister! 

I conducted sacrament, bore first testimony, and then taught Sunday school. Then, for quorum class, the area seventy, President Carter, showed up! We took a picture before he left, and then we waited and had meetings after church. Then we saw Al, and taught her about the plan of salvation, and dropped by Pk for the first time in forever, and it looks like he's doing well from the hospital! Love this guy! Then, in weekly planning we set a goal for 3 baptisms for the month, and we'll see how it goes! Also, it seems that President Kassah got permission from Cy's mom for her to be baptized, as long as it's in the next week that is! It's fantastic! Report on that next week.

This week I've thought a lot about trials, and how God gives them to us so that we can be strengthened, and humble. "I give unto men weakness that they may be humble." It's been heartbreaking for me to see my companion struggle, but I know that God will stand by him, even when I can't do much for him.

I love yall!
Rockin' it!

Elder Harris

Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas Happened! Again!

It's actually a first for me on mission, but meh. Christmas was good! This week we had a lot of appointments that fell through for obvious Christmas reasons, and did a lot of contacting. We also had our branch Christmas party, and had a good time with it! I got some Christmas packages, and opened em! Happiness!

To the week!

We had our Christmas devotional, and had a good chunk of fun! We had a trivia, and read scriptures, and had some food, and made snowflakes and so forth! Then we got back to JCity, and managed to see Fa, who we taught about baptism.

We first met with President Kassah, and then went to market to get some of the things for the Christmas party. For lunch we had chicken and fried rice, and then we went out to teach. We taught Sa about the fall, talked with Ry about the scattered principles his questions brought up, and then visited EY and talked about the 10 commandments. Then we did some more planning with President Kassah.

We contacted all day. All appointments failed, being Christmas Eve. We saw JJ, and talked about a few scriptures he'd read. Then we went to the chapel to help people with preparing the food for the Christmas party.

Christmas! Opened presents, planned the party with President Kassah, saw a couple of recent converts, had my phone call, and attended the party! It was essentially slaughtered by the infinite number of small children that came, but it was still good! I played the guitar for the program, and also spoke!

We contacted in the morning time, had a vegetable stew that I made, and saw Sh to find out her plan. She wants to be baptized, but is having family conflictions. She came to church on Sunday, but we have no idea how long it will take for her to be baptized. Then we saw Mh, and tried to convince him to come to church, which seemed ambiguous, then had chapel cleaning, and saw Ge to teach her the remaining information before her baptism!

I spoke spontaneously on obedience, since a speaker failed to show, and then after the service, we had a baptism! Ge was baptized, which was amazing! And afterwards we were able to see Geo before we closed for weekly planning. Geo is great! Hoping he'll be baptized next month.

Monday: Just cleaned today, but it was good!

This week I've been thinking a lot about the sanctity of the Sabbath day. A lot of people here are church goers, but as soon as the service is over, the shops open back up again, and it becomes an average day. So often I think I would forget the purpose as well of this sacred day. It's a day to rest from our labors, and to turn away our own foot from doing our pleasure (Isaiah 58:12). I can promise anyone reading this today, that if you will keep the Sabbath day more fully, God will bless you and help you to truly see it as a delight!

I love you all!
Rock it!

Elder Harris


Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Christmas Devotional

Christmas devotional with three zones.  Christmas songs, testimonies, snowflake service project, scripture stories, Christmas trivia game, videos of the birth and life of the Savior food, friends and snow!

Monday, December 21, 2015

Week in a Burrito.

I think I might try to make a burrito this week. I'll report back if it works. Just got the idea while thinking of a title. Not much this week, did a lot of fast offering stuff for branch presidency work, and then worked hard! Skipped a good chunk of the dinner hour most nights, it's good to be busy!


Evening time we taught Fa the first lesson, which she loved, and is especially happy we're not a "miracle church", and that we actually teach doctrines, and not just do "miracles" at church. She's been to so many churches, and is super happy to have found this one! We'll see how it goes!

We went to SCity for district council, and then saw Pe, and she was a wonderful member present to all of the people around. She translated, and even took the pictures to show the other lady there! So great! Then Rd popped up in the middle of a lesson, and it seemed he's relapsed into alcoholism again, and it might take a little while to talk to him sober again. Sad day. Then we had our branch presidency meeting, and closed for the night.

We went to the hospital to give Pk a blessing, and then we helped Pe get her own place so she could come to church reliably, and then tried to teach Ry for a while, despite all of the interruptions, and eventually abandoned the attempt. Then we had a PEC in the meeting, and called it good! Good day. 

We went to NCity to see brother Ai's farm, and then he fed us and we shared a spiritual thought with him. Then we saw Hn for the first time in a while, and spent most of the time addressing his questions on kingdoms of glory, which has been cleared, I think. Then... we saw Ry, RH, and Fa, as well as our institute class, then had a quick meeting with President Kassah.

We saw people. Forgive me.

Also saw people. Fa is amazing, but I think that Ry is becoming unstable, and I'm not sure if he'll continue to progress. Dang it! But, such is life.

I spoke in sacrament on the birth of Christ, taught the sunday school class on revelations, and then taught elders' quorum on having a Christ centered life. Good day. 

Monday: We cleaned!

Sorry for time! I luffs you all!

Elder Harris