Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas Happened! Again!

It's actually a first for me on mission, but meh. Christmas was good! This week we had a lot of appointments that fell through for obvious Christmas reasons, and did a lot of contacting. We also had our branch Christmas party, and had a good time with it! I got some Christmas packages, and opened em! Happiness!

To the week!

We had our Christmas devotional, and had a good chunk of fun! We had a trivia, and read scriptures, and had some food, and made snowflakes and so forth! Then we got back to JCity, and managed to see Fa, who we taught about baptism.

We first met with President Kassah, and then went to market to get some of the things for the Christmas party. For lunch we had chicken and fried rice, and then we went out to teach. We taught Sa about the fall, talked with Ry about the scattered principles his questions brought up, and then visited EY and talked about the 10 commandments. Then we did some more planning with President Kassah.

We contacted all day. All appointments failed, being Christmas Eve. We saw JJ, and talked about a few scriptures he'd read. Then we went to the chapel to help people with preparing the food for the Christmas party.

Christmas! Opened presents, planned the party with President Kassah, saw a couple of recent converts, had my phone call, and attended the party! It was essentially slaughtered by the infinite number of small children that came, but it was still good! I played the guitar for the program, and also spoke!

We contacted in the morning time, had a vegetable stew that I made, and saw Sh to find out her plan. She wants to be baptized, but is having family conflictions. She came to church on Sunday, but we have no idea how long it will take for her to be baptized. Then we saw Mh, and tried to convince him to come to church, which seemed ambiguous, then had chapel cleaning, and saw Ge to teach her the remaining information before her baptism!

I spoke spontaneously on obedience, since a speaker failed to show, and then after the service, we had a baptism! Ge was baptized, which was amazing! And afterwards we were able to see Geo before we closed for weekly planning. Geo is great! Hoping he'll be baptized next month.

Monday: Just cleaned today, but it was good!

This week I've been thinking a lot about the sanctity of the Sabbath day. A lot of people here are church goers, but as soon as the service is over, the shops open back up again, and it becomes an average day. So often I think I would forget the purpose as well of this sacred day. It's a day to rest from our labors, and to turn away our own foot from doing our pleasure (Isaiah 58:12). I can promise anyone reading this today, that if you will keep the Sabbath day more fully, God will bless you and help you to truly see it as a delight!

I love you all!
Rock it!

Elder Harris


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