Monday, December 21, 2015

Week in a Burrito.

I think I might try to make a burrito this week. I'll report back if it works. Just got the idea while thinking of a title. Not much this week, did a lot of fast offering stuff for branch presidency work, and then worked hard! Skipped a good chunk of the dinner hour most nights, it's good to be busy!


Evening time we taught Fa the first lesson, which she loved, and is especially happy we're not a "miracle church", and that we actually teach doctrines, and not just do "miracles" at church. She's been to so many churches, and is super happy to have found this one! We'll see how it goes!

We went to SCity for district council, and then saw Pe, and she was a wonderful member present to all of the people around. She translated, and even took the pictures to show the other lady there! So great! Then Rd popped up in the middle of a lesson, and it seemed he's relapsed into alcoholism again, and it might take a little while to talk to him sober again. Sad day. Then we had our branch presidency meeting, and closed for the night.

We went to the hospital to give Pk a blessing, and then we helped Pe get her own place so she could come to church reliably, and then tried to teach Ry for a while, despite all of the interruptions, and eventually abandoned the attempt. Then we had a PEC in the meeting, and called it good! Good day. 

We went to NCity to see brother Ai's farm, and then he fed us and we shared a spiritual thought with him. Then we saw Hn for the first time in a while, and spent most of the time addressing his questions on kingdoms of glory, which has been cleared, I think. Then... we saw Ry, RH, and Fa, as well as our institute class, then had a quick meeting with President Kassah.

We saw people. Forgive me.

Also saw people. Fa is amazing, but I think that Ry is becoming unstable, and I'm not sure if he'll continue to progress. Dang it! But, such is life.

I spoke in sacrament on the birth of Christ, taught the sunday school class on revelations, and then taught elders' quorum on having a Christ centered life. Good day. 

Monday: We cleaned!

Sorry for time! I luffs you all!

Elder Harris

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