Monday, December 7, 2015


This week was great! I forgot my planner today, so I don't think I'll have as organized a week to tell you about, but it'll have to be good enough. This week, I was with our recent convert Cr, when we found out he raises ducks! Awesome sauce, just had to take a picture with them I'm sure. Also, we managed to buy a ton of oreos through the Sanders, so my happiness is full.

To the week!

After emailing last week, we went to the hospital to visit Pk, who was in for an inspection.

First day out at 10:00 in my mission. Totally crazy, and awesome. We first saw Jt and Gy and tried to communicate the restoration and the apostasy to them, but I've recently realized how difficult it is for people to understand that not just any church is good for God. Then we went to see Cr, and managed to talk about the nature of God, and shared a weird dream with us. Awesome stuff. Then we saw Hn, and found out his father is a pastor, which might be an inhibitor in the future, but we'll continue to see him for a while yet to see if something can come out of it. Then we rode our bikes to ACity and saw Ell, and checked for his purposes. Super strong spirit there, and I think he might get more serious soon. Finally we saw Ma and talked about lesson 2 and the plan of salvation. 

Soakings for breakfast. Gary milk and sugar. Yes. Then we went all the way to ACity to see EY, who is recovering from a stroke, and had a great time! He's just the most solid member ever! He apparently brought the branch president at SCity. Gave us some great referrals. Stinks that they're super far away though.  Then we ended up losing some appointments for the day, but it still ended up well. Then we saw Kn and followed him home, and my heart reaches out to the guy. He feels so confused about religion and the like. But I know that the Gospel is the solution to his problems! He just needs to find his way out of his pianist position so he can come to church.

Felt a little demoralized, lots of falling through appointments, and time spent in different places. We had zone training, which took forever, and then went to SCity to pick up my package (which contained chocolate milk powder! Yeesss) and then managed to have our class after a bunch of attempts at appointments. 

Soakings for breakfast again, this time I spiced it up with cinnamon. Totally amazing. First we saw Tn and taught him about life after death, which he took very well, especially as he's seeing if the Book of Mormon is true. Found out watche is actually spelled waakye. Totes cray. Then we saw Gy and Ps, and taught them the basics of word of wisdom, and ended up seeing JJ and talking about the word of wisdom again. Then we saw Cr and Ar, and it seems like she actually might progress! Totally amazing!

French toast for breakfast, and saw Pe, and taught her about the Godhead and prophets, and also taught her that God hears her prayers. She's felt as if He's been angry at her or something since her husband left her, but we let her now that he truly hears her and cares for her. Then we saw El after lunch, and talked about some commandments from God, and decided that he's like the most solid convert of my life. I love this guy. Then we taught Ba and watched the restoration video with her, which was great, and she ended saying she knew Joseph was a prophet! Good day! Then we saw some ladies by Gy  and Jt, and they seemed really solid! Wanting to know doctrine and not just miracles, in their minds.
I taught Sunday school, and after church we saw Ca, and talked about the blessings the Gospel could bring to her life, and I think she might be able to progress very well! The spirit was strong!

Sorry for time! I love you all!

Rockin' it!

Elder Harris

Previous Zone Conference

I bought me a rasta hat!

 A picture with Sister T, my African Mom.

A real Tro Tro.

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