Monday, December 7, 2015

Totally Blew My Mind

So, I'm in ACity and the planner with most of last week's days is in JCity.

I'm in ACity because we came down to see a doctor for my companion's two month long headache, despite any form of treatment. So we took him in to the hospital today, with no avail for anything, no positive tests or anything, so it seems we will stay in ACity at the mission home for another night and wait to see when we'll be able to see a neurologist.

Today blew my mind though. We went to a hospital, that was actually like, first world. Air conditioners, inside lobbies, televisions in waiting rooms, it literally blew my mind and made me a little uncomfortable. Then the Sanders took us to the beach, where the Christiansborg Zone was having their activity, which also blew my mind. Then they took us to KFC. Guys. KFC.  I had a chicken burger. Not rice. With fries. Not shi toh. And then they took us to Shopwrite, which is like Walmart. It exists here, no lie. Mind officially blown for the month. I felt really uncomfortable around all of the white people in the nice part of ACity, and all of the nice things, private cars. I just felt like I needed to be back among the concrete brick buildings of JCity. No ewe language here either. And it looks like I'll be in JCity for another 3 months! 9 months in JCity baby! Totes cray!

Forgive my lack of time this week, at the mission home squeezing for time, and I hope it can be good enough here. I'll include all of this week in next week's letter, but I'll send some pictures for this week, I'll see yall later! 

Elder Harris

With the B's!

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