Monday, December 14, 2015

Yola All!

Yola all! It seems we stayed in ACity all week this week. We were pseudo-office elders, which was fun, but it's good to be back in JCity! Here's our report, as well as last week, in brief, that I missed last week.

December 1 Week:

We saw Tn, who we taught about part of the plan of salvation. Then we saw Sa, and some of his friends, followed by Ma with Jf. Ma was sick, so it wasn't exactly the best lesson. Then we saw Gy and Fa, and taught them about the plan of salvation.

Saw Pe, and taught her about Christ's Church and the Apostasy as a recent convert, which helped her as a recent convert, to understand why a restoration was necessary. Then we saw Sh, an taught her about some commandments, and established a baptismal date for her, but it seems she might not be ready yet, since her parents have tied her strongly to her own church. Then we saw Mh, followed by Gy and Re, and concluding with Cr and Ar, who I pray will be able to leave behind her commitments to RC to follow her husband to church.

First thing, our referral turned out to be a polygamist, so, kind of an awkward situation. Not allowed to teach them, after all. Then we saw JJ,  and Abigail's friend, Pr, the first time. She told Al to tell us not to come see her since she didn't wanna read the assignment. Of two pages in a pamphlet. Meh.

We saw Pr, and taught him about the word of wisdom, followed by Ca, who we taught about the plan of salvation, and obedience. Then we saw Ar, and Jt, who we talked about Christ's Church to, and eventually talked to Mn and some new investigators who might be solid one day, but they don't speak great English.

We saw Bn, who was a contact, who had great promise, until he started going of on money and America, and just was not accepting to some... not doctrines, but just very worldly view about the Bible being given to the poor so that they'd stay there. Ugh. Then we saw Ry quickly, and talked to him about his desire to read the Book of Mormon, and followed up seeing Gy in the evening an talk about the last half of the plan of salvation.


LAST EMAIL Also, went on splits with Elder Morris in the city. Weird stuff. I missed the bush the whole time. 

We went to the Office Elders' district council, and then went with them to the post office, and spent a couple hours getting packages for the other elders, and had lunch, and to conclude the day, President Heid told us to  go to the temple! Score! I'd missed the temple so much! 

Pretty much the whole day was spent acquiring SIM cards for the Christmas calls, and then organizing them.

Zone conferences, we attended the one in the city, and helped a bit, but mostly got to attend, and had a good time listening to inspired leaders. Saw Elder Ojaide, and all of my MTCs! Then president said I could go to the temple again!

We had the appointment for Elder Harvey, and didn't really get a do a lot  aside from going to the temple again. Good day!

We went home to JCity, and then saw Ricky, and taught him the whole story of the Book of Mormon, and established that Ge would be baptized next Sunday, and I pray that we can see her. Then we talked to Ar, and Jt, and then closed for the day!

Went to church, and saw Ge! A guy who was invited by the Elders' Quoum President, who wants to come to church, and really likes it, and accepted a baptismal date for January! Totally the best! 

We played basketball and cleaned today! Good day!

I think this week I just saw the importance of the temple. The temple is truly the house of God, and the place that we can truly grow close to him. I would encourage any and all to visit, or to make time to go to the temple in the week, and feel the promised blessings from God!

I love you all!
Rockin' it!

Elder Harris

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