Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Scoopin' Out Gutters

Hello everyone! It's fantastic to be able to email you yet again! 

This week was pretty fantastic, we were able to teach a lot, and found a couple of hopefully golden investigators who I think might be able to make it all the way. We also had the All Africa Service Project here in Juapong and cleaned out the gutters on the side of the main road in the town. It was quite a sight to see a couple hundred Africans all working hard with their "Helping Hands" vests. It was a fantastic time.

Also, I've had a spontaneous rekindling of my musical desires. President Heid makes sure we keep a piano in every apartment, and I have this randomly strong desire to pick up the piano again. Hopefully by the power of some miracle I can come home with some moderate ability to play the piano, haha. It's frustrating, and yet intriguing at the same time. 

We also made red oil rice for the first time this week. I think I'm getting a demented view of African cooking though. Elder Ojaide seasons everything exactly the same, with differing core ingredients. It turns out well every time, and somehow different, and I've learned from him, but I'm not sure if it always works like this, haha. 

So now for the week:

We had district council, and I gave the spiritual thought on Alma 5. It's all about our abilities to have a mighty change of heart. Having that mighty change of heart is what delivered the people of Alma from the bands of death. In the words of a guy in my college ward, "There is no repentance without change, and there is no true change without repentance." Then we had a couple lessons, and it turns out one of my investigators, E, had a dream where people in white were asking her about the Book of Mormon, over and over. It is so important, and we talked about how we would be "judged out of the books of life" as it says in the scriptures. Then we taught SA, the most ergetic lady I've ever met in my life it seems. She's great, and totally keeps commitments and seems to really understand and be willing to make changes. Then we saw Emmanuel Attiah, who read almost the whole book of First Nephi in just a few days. We gave him a copy of the Book of Mormon Stories later in the week to help him understand what he read.

We started off and went to see P, and his sister C walked in and talked about a dream she'd had with all of these people dressed in white holding the Book of Mormon and telling her to read from it. She'd had this dream right after she had prayed to know if the Book of Mormon was true, and she thinks it is now, and that Joseph Smith was a prophet. Unfortunately we still did not see her at church. Then we taught a couple more people, and saw this guy from Benin who is pretty educated and even had really intellectual conversations with us. He cannot get past the apostasy though, and we are really hoping and praying for him.

This was pretty much a day to talk about the All Africa Service Project and help set it up. We also went to cafe for an assignment on the internet as well. Then we went out and taught B, and it seems he is steadily progressing to baptism this month! I made bread and egg as well! Actually not bad, and felt pretty dang filling!

We went out and taught E and her Sister M, and even they both say the Book of Mormon is true! And we are hoping to continue with them and to help them to get the spiritual witness as well. Then we saw an investigator progressing to baptism, and went contacting a while to warn people about the large event happening in the next couple of days. Then we saw someone we haven't seen in a while and are hoping to help her continue progressing again, and she might actually have the potential to now as well!

The big fire day! Totally crazy! All of the members came from all over for the Service Project! We spent the morning cleaning the gutters in the city, and even a few of the missionaries came as well! It was pretty great! Got a lot of referrals and a few contacts and did some good work! Than we went out and were able to teach a couple of lessons, and even EA! Who came to church the next day! Totally killer! I love this guy!

Church was great! I came with a talk prepared and learned, I had prepared for the wrong topic, so was writing during sacrament, and got to speak for like 13 minutes, haha. Then we went out to teach a few people after church and so forth.

Today, so far all that has happened is basketball as a zone! Pretty fun! Also some frisbee and a meatcake! Rockin' it!

For today, I'm running out of time, so I'll give a quick spiritual thought. The Book of Mormon is so powerful. This week, as I've watched investigators keep commitments and read in the Book of Mormon consistently, I've watched as the stories and principles have changed their lives and helped them progress. It's fantastic, and can happen for all of us!

Love you guys! 
The church is true, the book is blue!

Elder Harris

Accidentally left the keys in the door all day!

A basketball picture from the zone activity.

A package from home!

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