Monday, August 3, 2015

An Email From the B's!

We are grateful for the B's, a missionary couple, who check on Elder Harris.  They bring him wonderful things to eat and always send pictures home to Elder Harris's family.  We love this missionary couple!

From the B's:
We passed through today and dropped off an American lunch to Elder Harris and Elder Ojiade:). Thought you'd enjoy some pictures of them walking down their road and the 2 of them together. I also took some pictures from a couple weeks ago when we were passing through their town and who did we see right in front of us on their bikes? Our cute elders! We didn't have any sandwiches, but we had just come from the American store in Accra, so we broke open the container of Oreos and had them help themselves!

When we asked Elder Harris today how he's doing and how his area is, he says "so awesome!". What a great missionary he is:)

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