Monday, August 10, 2015

A Mighty Change of Heart

It was a pretty good week. Seems like everything is goin' pretty well! We are getting closer to our goal for baptisms this month and making progression with people we thought progress would stop, as well watched a couple we had hopes for freeze permanently it seems. But all in all, it has been a good week! We had pizza today, and had a blast of a time! Aside from that I'm running out of time, it seems I have not managed emails well this week. 


Had pancakes for breakfast, actually made chocolate pancakes! I am a genius! And a smoothie with frozen pineapple, mangos and bananas. Man, I'm a genius, have I said that yet? Anyways, we had district meeting and Elder Ojaide and I taught a discussion on teaching in unity. Then we went out to teach a few people, including C, who was accepting everything like crazy, and then explained to his buddy how God and Christ were one, but separate better than most members could, haha.

Ate pancakes for breakfast again, had a branch presidency meeting, and had a good day. We mostly taught recent converts on monday, and then committed B to a baptismal date on the 23rd, and we think he'll actually keep this one!!

Had oatmeal for breakfast, and even put cinnamon in it. Good day. We went to another city to see S, and hoped to commit her to a baptismal date, and ended up abandoning hope with her completely, as it seems this small branch isn't as much fun as her other ward. Sad day. Then we saw L, who still refuses to believe in any revelation of any sort, so I think we will no longer see her, and can only pray. Then we taught Doctrinal Class, and then P came in and we had a lesson with her, and are hoping to help her along to her baptism on the 23rd.

Made even BETTER chocolate pancakes. I really am a genius. Well, we met with C agian, and it looks like he won't be in town for a few months, so we're hoping to pick it up when he gets back. Then we saw a few other people and are hoping to add some names to our long term investigator list!

Had another branch meeting, and then saw P and tried to help advance her again, and are really hoping to help her move along. Then we saw another recent convert. Not much to report for the day.

President Heid visited the our Branch! He came and talked for a bit, and it seems that we are also going to prepare more for the All Africa service project in our area. Then we went out and taught a couple member present lessons to people we really hope have potential. We committed R to a baptism on the 23rd! I believe in this guy!

Today, the big thing was we went out for pizza! Totally killer. Not dominoes, but still worth it.

For a spiritual thought this time I've been thinking a lot about change. In Alma 5, he talks about keeping in remembrance of their fathers who were in the bands of death and the chains of hell, and he asks how they were loosed and freed. The answer, mentioned 3 times in the next 3 verses and a fourth time later in the chapter is a mighty change of heart. In the same way, in our work, we need to have a mighty change of heart, directed to God. We love and serve Him with all of our hearts, might, minds and strength and in return He will change us to become more like His son. As we change these bands will loose their grip, having fewer sins and infirmities and bumps to grasp along the way. While we can't make it all the way, every time we repent the barbs and bumps on these changes, they lose their grip, and even the devil is bound in the same way he will be in the millenium, by the righteousness of the saints.

Love yall! You're the best!

Elder Harris

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