Monday, August 3, 2015

Chewing Problems

Inline image 1Woah! What a week! It's fantastic to write to you all again! I hit a record for how many emails I got this week, which means that you all truly love me! haha, sorry for anyone I have not gotten to yet, still trying to make sure I can get to everybody. 

The week was totally bomb. We have been teaching and reinforcing our recent converts and doing our best to find new investigators as well. With the effort that we are putting in I am sure God will bless us for our efforts, and He already does in so many ways.

I'm not sure if I included this last week, but I learned to make Ground Nut Soup! Totally kiiller! I eat it with fufu (which is fantastic) and you just stick it in your mouth and swallow. No chewing, mind you, just straight up swallow it. I have gotten really bad at remembering to chew my other food, so I think I'm going to have to eat a little less fufu and other things. Or I can just swallow all my food because FUFU is so GOOD!! It makes me a happy guy. I apologize for how much I talk about food. As the females back at college know, I was easily bought to do anything as long as food is involved. The mission has fufu, so I am here, haha. Just kidding, the Gospel is GREAT! That's why I'm here! And fufu.... oh decisions decisions... Anyways! We'll move on!

Here it goes for the week:

We had district council, and I had the opportunity to teach the instruction about obedience, and quickly I will testify to you that for every single commandment God has given us, there is a blessing that is attached, and that we most importantly keep these commandments because we love God. Anything else we do in the church is just an attachment to the fact that we act for our love of God. Even painfully so, when we go against the word of God, it is exclusively because we trust information or views from somewhere else more than we trust Him. When phrased this way, it might make it easier to make choices that have relation to God! :)

After district council, we went back and waited while the apartment was fixed up in a couple ways, and finally got to go teach a couple lessons about 1 true church, and the apostasy.

I tried white coco porridge for breakfast. Totally not as good as normal porridge, but I guess every mistake has to be made at least once(with food, not the gospel). I also started waking up cold, so I've started using blankets. But I am confused, because I am in Africa, and I'm the only one (even among Africans) who can get cold ever. I don't understand how this keeps happening to me.

For the day, we had a few failed appointments in the morning, but hopefully a solid contact or two.  We saw JJ, and came home to have some Spaghetti with stew (sauce). Then we went to see P, and found out he had a couple of things not going so great and are hoping to help find him a solution in the near future. Then we saw EA.
Had oatmeal for breakfast, and experimented by cooking it in non-dairy creamer, and I think I might continue to do so (because there is no milk). Good ideas happen plenty here. Then for the day we talked to T and found out we had to cancel plans for teaching her brother since he's a polygamist, which was kind of sad, but also we hope that he can come to a knowledge of truth in his life. Then we went to another town to see S, who was busy but committed to come to church (which, unfortunately, did not happen). Then we hopped on a tro tro back, and see Mo (after lunch with fufu and kitenkuan) and taught a doctrinal class on the war in heaven after that.

Oatmeal again. Good food still. I finally bought more Jago (condensed milk) for syrup, so I could make pancakes again. Good day. Our first few appointments failed, and then we had a spontaneous lesson with someone we handed a pamphlet who read the whole thing! Hopefully this E will turn out to be a solid investigator! Then we visited a few people, and taught this family by the church, and the grandma and auntie both believe that Joseph Smith was a prophet, and that Thomas S. Monson is a prophet of God today! Good day! 

Ate pancakes for the first time in forever, just really great! This was a super busy day as well. We went out with brother M as well, and taught a few lessons with him. The first one was a dead end, who would not understand even when basic scriptures were given. He would agree with the scripture and then say something else. Then we saw P's son, who seems really interested! Sent his referral to Accra, and we're hoping that he catches the spark and P's whole family can catch fire and totally hit it off with the church! Then we saw L and had a basic lesson on the Plan of Salvation. Pretty great day!

We had fast sunday! Joyous accord. We picked up EA for church, and he seemed to have a good time. After church we gave the Sanders the pillows we picked up for the new missionaries, and they gave me a thing of cinnamon! Cinnamon is hard to get out in the bush, and I love them with my whole heart, haha. Then we went out and taught Pl's father, who says he wants to fellowship with the church for the rest of his life, which sounds fairly promising! And then we taught RK about 1 true church, and we're hoping we can revive her true interest. It seems to be on the correct way there.

So for the spiritual thought for the week, I think it has really hit me this week the importance of service. "When ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God." Mosiah 2:17. As I have been seeking to apply this principle of service in my life and in my work, I have found both my love for this people and my ability to serve them to be enhanced. There is more peace with my companion, and I truly feel uplifed by the spirit. In fact, in retrospect, I might even say that it is dangerous to live without a heart dedicated to service, as it can an will erase any trace of heartache or remove any pain.

In the pictures, Elder Ojaide and I got haircuts, and I made some Ground Nut Soup!

Love ya!

Elder Harris

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