Monday, September 7, 2015

This Week Was Pretty Killer!

Man! So this week was pretty killer! Got a lot of news.

For the basic stuff, we had four baptisms this week. AA, BH,  RG, and EY. All great people!  And I am so excited to see them progress in the church and in their lives. It's something so powerful to watch! 

So for the big news this week, I have been assigned as a trainer! Holy cow, I'm jsut getting done with my own training, it's something crazy and I am hoping to be up to the cause. I'll be going to Accra tomorrow to pick him up. Sounds like it should be a productive and growing week.

To the week:(forgive me, not a lot to talk about this week, mostly routine work).

We went to District council, and got Elder Ojaide's hair cut, and then we went around preparing the 4 people four baptism, asking them the questions and collecting their information for the forms. 

I went on exchanges in SCity with Elder Smith, and totally had a fantastic day. We went out preaching the word all over the place, and a member came with us for a chunk of the day. It also helped me realize if I'm not working, I'm starting to feel a little antsy. I just need to be out there!

Stayed SCity again and went to Accra for trainer's council, and spent pretty much the whole day there.
Friday, We held our baptismal service and went to teach a couple of lessons with the relief society president, and then came to the chapel to prepare a presentation.

We went to KCity for a meeting after a lesson, and then ate at the Royal Senchi buffet, and spent a good chunk of our sub! Good day.

We had a couple of meetings after church, and set our monthly goals and things and so forth. We'll be shooting for 2 baptisms this month.

We pretty much cleaned in preparation for the new missionary and inspections.

For a spiritual thought this week,  I was thinking about the assignment as a trainer and feeling a little intimidated, when I remembered the story about the early bishop who heard a voice that said, "The strength is in me". And when I was reading in Alma 13 about foreordination, it dawned on me that this was no circumstantial situation, or assignment. Even from the foundation of the world, my calling was made secure and given as a potential to be fulfilled, if that makes sense. Everything in the service in the church is something so powerful, in the sense that God has been preparing us for the situations we are in for the longest time.

Elder Harris

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