Monday, September 28, 2015

Goin' Ham

Gotta work my face off this coming week. Decision made the other day. Mission is totally the best everyone!! I am so excited to talk to you all! Wow! This week has really been killer.

This Sunday my companion pointed out that I have spoken in Sacrament for five weeks in a row, and I will probably continue to speak in the coming weeks as well. I have taught Sunday School and Elders Quorum lessons for the past three weeks as well, and even yesterday I got to conduct Sacrament meeting! #secondcounselor #tinybranch

With Elder Harvey, who understands my hashtags, I have been becoming more prone to use these hash devils. They're fantastic. It's really something great. Usually it's in the form of #righteous or #sick, which, of course, fits the profile the other missionaries have given me, conveniently enough.

Also recovered from a head cold all week, but pushed it through! The runny nose is almost gone as well! The work stops for no man, however! I'm pushing and kicking until the end! Hopefully the end is no time soon... but we'll still kick it anyways!

To the week!

Pancakes for breakfast, and off to district council. Got a ride all of a sudden with this guy who said he used to be a member, but left because of some confusion getting him married in the temple. I'm trying to see if I can get it sorted out as we speak. Then we came back and taught J, who introduced us to his best friend JY. I love J. That guy is just so killer. Then we saw O, and talked some basic stuff about L1 and we are wondering where he will go.

Had spaghetti for breakfast. This terrible sauce that we made, but had to eat and finish. Aah, what sadness. Anyways, then we went to market, and ended up Seeing J and JY again, as well as O, and then ended up teaching E for the first time in a while as well.

Toast for breakfast. Starting to change it up. Had a first contact lesson with a zealot from some local church, which was fun. Then we taught A, and are preparing to send him to HCity to be baptized there, so he can have fellowshippers. I really wish we could baptize him here though, but really it would only be to increase in my own pride. Forgive me please, haha. Also, later that day we taught a lesson where I was essentially Pastor Harris. This large group of people gathered around, and seemed super passionate about everything I was saying, but none of them came to church. Shows a lot there. We finished with Institute, which was disturbed by light off.

Oatmeal. Not as filling as I was hoping it would be. I was hungry sooo fast afterward. We saw J, and taught him about temples, and then had a lesson with SA, and a couple of others during the day. 

Had a short exchange when Elder Tyokolwana came to interview B, and Elder Obiarinze and I taught P as well as E while waiting. Then some random guy came and found the wallet that Elder Harvey had lost some time ago! Totally awesome!! Finally had a Senchi branch activity to close.

Had church, conducted the Sacrament meeting, and wrote this awesome talk, but only had a few minutes to speak, so I guess I'm saving it for another time. Then I spontaneously taught Sunday School, and during quorum, bucketed water into the baptismal font. Pretty great stuff. Finally, we taught EA, after a couple of additional meetings, who says he's never felt the spirit. We'll see what we can do about that.

We had a zone activity in SCity,  and played football(soccer) against the Elders from KCity! We lost in a tiebreak, but it was still fantastic!

For the week, I think I have only a simple thought on the value of work and dedication. One of the most powerful things we can do is work hard even when it doesn't feel like we'll get all the benefits or value that we deserve. Elder Harvey and I are blessed with a beautifully fruitful area, but other places in our district are not seeing as many blessings from their work. However, as they work, and as we work, I can testify that it can truly change our characters for the better, and draw us closer to God.

I love you all!
Rockin' it

Elder Harris

Found my true team, West Brom from my British Bruthah, Elder Harvey. #pumped #westbrom #football #England #ghana #missionary #feelinbig #matching

A papaya our investigator gave us. #massive #hungry #papaya #weneverateit #itwentbad #ghana #missionary

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