Monday, September 7, 2015

Testimonies Are Totally the Best!

Man! The week has totally gone by since we last talked! You might not believe it!! It totally happened. Intense. So this week was pretty good. 

I went to pick up my trainee Elder Harvey from Accra this week. He's from England, UK!  So here in JCity we got two Ubrunis preaching the gospel! It's awesome! I am having a blast with this guy, and so many good things are happening here! We get along really well and are having a really good time. Now, to the week!

I went to Accra, and left pretty early to the mission home to pick up my trainee and drop Elder Ojaide off at the mission home. I picked up Elder Harvey! We also came back in the nicest tro tro I've ever seen. It was padded and had air conditioning, so not typical at all.

Made chocolate pancakes and had district council. We had apartment inspections and things like that, and then went out around to see a couple of our investigators and to meet with a member. Had Banku for dinner that our neighbor made us! So good!

We walked to M and taught one of our investigators, P, and extended a baptismal date for this month on the 20th. Then we saw JJ and talked to him a bit, and then saw another couple of investigators and watched a movie about John Tanner in doctrinal class.

Woke up and had lachili (like milk and... stuff...) to make a porridge! It was pretty great! think I'll get it again!  We also had a spontaneous zone conference and President Heid came and visited us, and we talked about getting revelation and helping our investigatros feel the spirit and identify it. 

We walked around a lot, and did some contacting in MCity, and even got a couple of new investigators. Then we walked to ACity and did a lot of walking around there essentially trying to find another of our investigators and essentially being lost. Sister Theresa ended up making us akbeleh and dedechi for dinner, which was fantastic!

Church service was great, although we only had 2 investigators show up to church. Then we actually had a bunch of meetings before church, and got to meet with G and bear testimony of the Prophet Joseph Smith! Good day!

Preparation day! We had light out and went to teach an investigator who seems pretty set on joining the church because his friend recommended it to him. He wants to meet with us several times this week (he said every day actually), and we are hoping for good fruit there. Awesome!

The spiritual thought this week is all about testimonies. Testimonies are totally the best! Testimonies are what we have always had to fight this spiritual war, even from the foundations of the world. When Alma stepped down from the office of a chief judge, it was to "bear down in pure testimony". He know so much, and was probably educated, and good at debate and whatever as a judge, but what was most valuable was the testimony he bore.

Love you all!

Elder Harris

Starting with the left, the three Ubrunis in my mtc! Looking so good!

The second picture is three generations, me, my trainer, and my trainee!

This picture is my MTC companionship, all of us called to train! Me, Elder Grant, and Elder Koronikalou!

Our new ubrunis in the district.

 What proselytizing often looks like!

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