Friday, September 25, 2015

Ubruniland and Shiny Fans

Hello Hello! Long time! Wow! You're lookin' good today! Have you been working out? Oh, it's good to see you!

It's been a little different since we last talked, because we now have two white guys proselyting hard core in JCity, and all of the locals know it. "Yevu, yevu" they call, or "Ubruni!" We are quickly and easily identified. Mostly by small children. I have also eaten a lot of toast this week, spontaneously. And been using margarine, which would make my father cry I think, but you gotta do what ya gotta do to survive in this world. Also vegetable oil, sometimes I use that when I cook now. Oh, I feel I've done it. I've disappointed him. Well, gotta continue on.

Also we got rechargeable fans!!! Even when it's light off we can have fans now! They're fancy, have remotes, are white and shiny, and have lights and timers.... aaah, they are the best things ever. Blackout? No problem! Shiny fan power!

So the week was totally killer, we worked hard, were exactly obedient, contacted like nobody's business and saw miracles pile up! It was powerful and amazing! This is truly the one true mission my friends!

To Run Through the Week!

Had toast and eggs, and then went to district council, and had a lesson with ED and a member, and she pretty much refused to even touch the Book of Mormon. We then taught SA a little more from Lesson 2, and are watching him progress slowly but surely. Finally we saw a recent convert with a member from SCity. A and R.

We spent the morning talking about too much deep doctrine and got our new fans! So fantastic. Then we went out and saw SA with D, and they totally hit it off, and we are hoping that this will motivate SA to come to church. Then we saw B, who takes in information like a sponge, and will be baptized later in the month. Then we gave a pamphlet to a guy A, who called us later with questions, and seems to be progressing very well, and even came to church on Sunday! First lesson to the baptismal date as well. Let's see if he can keep it. Then we saw E and a new investigator as well. From the moment she saw the picture of the first vision she said she believes Joseph Smith was a prophet, but it seems that like many others we talk to, that has not yet motivated her to any form of action.

Made me some nice breakfast pancakes, and then we went out to teach and taught J and A. Both, we got a little more of the first lesson, to talk about prophets and Joseph Smith. Both seem very interested, and we will see where it goes. We talked to FX for like two hours, and didn't seem to get anywhere, he was just super happy to have visitors though. We will follow up another time, and see how it goes. We had a docrinal class as well as a quick presidency meeting. 

Powerful moment when I realized it was 9-11, gave a minute of silence and sang the national anthem a couple
of times. The anthem is awesome. I sing it like every week and I'm pretty sure it irritates my British companion. Then we went out to teach SA with Brother Michael, and then taught B again. We ended with a lesson with A and B, and it started raining hardcore, and soaked Elder Harvey.

Saturday: A actually dedicated the day to go out proselyting with us, and wants to do so again! We went out, and she gave us like a billion referrals.  Then we taught A again, and a new guy J, who works at a bike shop. We taught most of lesson 1, and they have been taking it really well. J came to church on Sunday as well! Fantastic!

We had 5 people come to church, and I gave a talk on the Law of Chastity, and also taught Quorum. Then we had meetings after church, and taught C, and gave her a baptimal date, and then taught EA as well. He's a good guy! Love him.

We washed clothes, ate, and came to cafe. Plans for football fell through the floor unfortunately, but to everything its own time.

For a spiritual thought this week, I wanna talk about the power contained in a church leader. People set apart by God and given stewardship and sometimes keys to help and support us. It's something very powerful that we have access to. We also need to do everything we can to support and help them as well. It's a fantastic system we can use!

Love you and miss you all!
From the one true mission.
Keep on Rockin' It.

Elder Harris

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