Monday, September 21, 2015


So... I am short on time this week. I require your forgiveness.

This week was totally a blast though. I put off a stoner vibe it appears, I give that off to the new trainees, which fits me well I guess. I always use words like, "righteous" and "sick" and I love to hashtag things, so I guess it fits! Not literally though, don't get that vibe. 

This week we are preparing three people for baptism this coming Sunday, which should be good. Also had the opportunity to work through a bit of a head cold, and am working on crushing it! Awesome! Aside from that... this week my companion lost his wallet, which stinks, but we'll push through again.

To the week!

B called us and it turns out he had already compiled all of his baptismal information for us! He's on top of the ball! We also met with P, who began to read the pamphlet we gave him and had questions, and said he would come to church this coming Sunday. We also had a few referrals from one of our coming baptisms, J and his sisters! Totally awesome! Then I spontaneously taught a lesson almost in Eue, and taught the Plan of Salvation, and she said she wanted to be baptised! We'll see how the coming month will go for her. Then we saw a couple recent converts in the evening.

Pancakes for breakfast, which was good, and then we went to see J, and I decided I love the guy so much!! He would be a super great friend back home! I wanna just take him to America with me when I leave, haha. Then we saw JJ. Then we saw a few other people, including the mother of one of the children who wants to be baptized. We'll see how it goes there.

Pancakes again.  Saw a few more investigators and it turns out some old solid investigators came up against some anti mormon material, which is sad to lose people to such negative vibes. 

We saw a couple of people, and essentially .... I think I misplaced a day... This was a bit of what I wrote for Tuesday... forgive me...

More stuff. No time.

We had a baptism for a member's kid this week, and we ended up being at the chapel for meetings almost all of Sunday. Made a super stong tomato stew/sauce for dinner. 

The week was good! Forgive me for time! I love you all!!

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