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Again, not sure how it's spelled. In Ewe, it means "How are you" and the response is Mefo, "I am fine". You don't say, "I'm good", or "It's great" or anything else. Everyone just says, "I am fine!" And it is still good. Fine, actually! I also learned to make fried rice this week, and it was totally killer! When in doubt, just assume that Elder Harris is a good chef.

For a quick overview, the week was totally great! I went to zone conference this week and totally felt enlightened and uplifted walking away. Saw some new faces, and all of the Americans leaving to go home, who laughed at me, who I laughed at back because they have to leave, haha .Also I ate like 2 meals of the fried rice they brought. I eat too much, but I don't think I'm gaining weight, so I'm good!
So, to start then.


Totally killer, Brother Michael made us this super huge stew(sauce) and an entire packet of spaghetti each. Not sure if I included it last week, but it still makes me feel full thinking about it. Then Elder Quaye gave me the recipe for ground nut stew and we all had some with rice ball! Just a food-y kind of day.


We went to teach a sister who has been coming to church, who we thought was really solid. She hasn't come the past couple of weeks, and we are slightly worried, but I think she'll have it soon! Then we had a lesson on the fall for like 2 hours. They refused to accept the part that the fall was in God's plan. God is perfect, and makes no errors, so why does this have a spontaneous fall out? They agreed he was perfect, but then started to disprove themselves. Ugh. Then we taught a long time investigator, B, who confessed his feeling of weakness in faith, which we defined for him, based on the scriptures as a thing of action. Hoping he can work through this.


Zone Conference at Kpong! Saw Elder Koronikalou, my MTC companion from Fiji, which was a surprise and was totally fantastic! The guy has had 6 baptisms in 5 weeks! Totally fantastic, in a super fruitful area and seems to be having a great time. He's out of money though because they live right by KFC, haha. During the conference, we talked about so many things, and even looked at some of the numbers for the first few months of the year. 6700 investigators at sacrament as a mission! I also took pictures with Elder Garside and Elder Aleman, going home tomorrow! Hope they have a great time!


Pretty basic day, taught Brother P about the fall, taught C about Love of God, and read from 4 Nephi with her. Then we had our Doctrinal class.


We taught A about the Atonement, and are still excited for her baptism on saturday with Brother P! Then we taught L again about the fall, and she still confuses me. Didn't accept anything about the fall being a part of the plan again, but then bought us bananas, and then prayed to thank God for His messengers. Then we taught JJ and B, and visited our new Investigator M who believes Joseph Smith was a prophet! It's great! So much hope for this guy.


No real significant lessons. Taught Pl and her friend Pa, who we think have long term potentiial, then we had an intro lesson with a new guy who kept asking me questions about America, and if I could help him get there, then we saw P, had a discussion wehere they attacked the Book of Mormon without even seeing it, and then cleaned the chapel. Still good.


Looong day of meetings. Good though! 11 investigators at church. Eleven!!! Holy cow! Had a presidency meeting, and pretty much had our time swallowed by other meetings.

For a spiritual thought today, I just want to talk about how God is prominent in all of our lives. All this week and other weeks, we have been teaching all these people, and trying to prepare them, but it seems that God has prepared his own list of people. Most of the people who came to church contacted us, not the other way around. Even though we are expected to work hard, and things will work out if we do, God will bless our work.  So often with a work, we didn't expect or even prepare in any way. In the words of Elder Fayeampah in our MTC, "God has prepared the way, he has sowed the field, watered it, nourished it, and even picked all the little weeds"., If we do our best to follow God and do His work, he will do everything else!!

Love you guys,

Elder Harris

Saw my MTC companion at Zone conference! Totally great!

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