Monday, October 26, 2015

Can't Imagine A Mission Anywhere Else.

Hello all! Long time!

Sorry I didn't get to email you yesterday, but, cool story, I was actually helping to hand out 6000 PAIRS of glasses to people! Mostly just being a waiting entertainer.

This week was fantastic though! We had a lot of success and were able to talk to a lot of people and solidify some progressing investigators. We also baptized B and her Grandson G! We forgot they had baptismal dates and let them slip under our radar, because she doesn't speak fantastic English. She came to church, but we had no way to measure her commitments aside from that, and we thought it was more of a distant thing. But it's super amazing to see that soon, G will be passing the Sacrament! Totally powerful stuff!

Also, I found potatos. POTATOES!!! I made mashed potatoes, and had so much happiness I had strong desires to cry. I miss potatoes with my full heart. But I know I will be blessed for eating yam for the next 2 years.
On to the week!

District council! I assumed my new assignment from the zone leader as the district piano player, and did a moderate to cruddy job until it went light out in the middle of our closing hymn. Our district leader gave the instruction on becoming consecrated missionaries, which was good. Then we ate some rice for lunch (after pancakes, I forgot, for breakfast) and went out to see a theoretical investigator. She wasn't around, but we talked to this guy beginning with the question he brought, "Was Jesus white or black?" "Neither... He was Jewish..." He brought a buddy, and they both brought their Rasta friend who tried to bible bash us on the Sabbath day. Tell you stories about that later in the week. Then we saw E, answered some of her questions, and then P and L, who have been committed to baptism by our branch president! I pray they will keep commitments. We saw B at the chapel, and it turns out she's been telling her friends at school about the church, and they've been making fun of her, and she even slapped one of them for throwing her book of Mormon on the ground. She's been coming to church for like 3 weeks now maybe. Super solid.
Oatmeal and toast. Did it wrong, not as tasty. Sad day. Went to market, had banku and okroh for lunch, and then went out. We saw J, and talked about the Sabbath day and the sacrament. Then we saw B, and R, and ended seeing B to prepare her for baptism with Br! She gave us the scoop and asked if G could be baptized as well. Fantastic. 

Toast, and we saw a less active, CA! CA joined the church when she was young, but when she moved to JCity, the church wasn't here, and she hasn't been for 27 years and she says it's too late. She's like a fresh investigator though, and doesn't remember anything. It's fun talking to her though, and she loves us! Had some watche for lunch, and after a day wandering for failed appointments, we saw G, taught him to prepare him for baptism, and so forth. We then had institute, and then saw B afterward, and collected her information for her record. 

Got to go never mind.

Elder Harris

Sorry, temporary problem with the internet cafe lady.
Long story short, since I only get to finish this:

Friday was good.
We met with the Rasta guy and his buddies, and it turns out they were trying to get us to convert him to be a Christian, and I hope we'll be able to help them along the way. We eventually just had to finish the Rasta guy's view and tell him "Saturday" is the seventh day according to the Vikings and their gods, and so forth. The Sabbath day, is a day that God reveals to his prophets. It's really the only question out there I've learned. Any issue, whether the word of wisdom, one true church, baptism and so forth really boils down to the fact that God speaks through a prophet today,and I think it's something very powerful. 

Somehow we managed to have 14 investigators at church. It blew my mind, it was so fantastic. B and G were baptized!! So fantastic!! I conducted sacrament meeting, and then taught Sunday School. Afterwards had meetings and went to KCity to prepare to go to Accra the next day.
We went to Accra to help out with the eyeglass clinic thing. Talked to a couple of people who loved me because I speak ewe, and then we helped organize for an hour or two. For most of it, I was a greeter, and sent people to the chapel to wait. Unfortunately, we had to turn a bunch of people away, and send a bunch of newly irritated people home because of how slow things were going. Sad day. I hope it'll be faster next week. 

K, short on time! I luffs ya!

Rockin' it

Forgive me yet again, I got like 2 more minutes thank goodness.

I just remembered Friday. I went on exchanges with Elder Beckstrand in ACity!! Man, the place is almost first world. There were actual doors to knock. Doors. People lived in organized compounds next to real streets. Streets. My mind is blown for the week. I had a great time with him, but man, people there don't wanna talk. It seems the more bushy the area, the more likely people are to talk to you. Can't imagine a mission anywhere else, my people. This is the best place!

Love you all yet again!

Elder Harris


Nicest Tro Tro I've been on yet.

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