Monday, October 12, 2015

This Week Totally Happened!

The week totally happened. I had a great one actually! Had a lot of fun and did some deep cleaning this week. A lot of cleaning. Both spiritually and physically, haha. I wish I had a bit more of a preliminary rant, but at the moment you'll just have to take what I can give you for now. I promise I'll talk more about the week in exchange.

To the week!

Got news from President Heid that it would be a deep cleaning day. So we spent from 7:00-11:00 straight up cleaning everything we could get our hands on. You name it, we scrubbed it. So much cleaning I was sweating (not sure if it's Ghana, or hard work). Then we went to a late district council, and had a surprise visit from the assistants! Then we went back and taught our buddy PA, who had wonderfully sincere questions about baptism, the method, who can do it and so forth. Then, unfortunately, we were short on time for proselyting and had a branch presidency meeting.

Had some monster pancakes full of oats and all sorts of delights. Felt obolo(fat) all day. We first went out and taught J about the differences between being baptized into the church and other churches, about how it is necessary to have the proper authority that God restored to His church. He at first was confused, but then accepted it readily. Then we went to market, and I bought spring onions and cabbage for the first time. I'll see how to use them.... ooooh. Then we sat down with O, and talked about Joseph Smith, and the importance of Prophets and the Book of Mormon. Finally we had Brother Francis with the misison office pretty much come fix our stuff for the rest of the night. We did get to go see P, who seemed to have been dreaming of Joseph Smith, and had the misconception that Joseph Smith was equal to or higher than Christ, to which we had to correct him, and say that he was a prophet whose sole purpose was to point to Christ in these last days.
Toast. DElicious. First we saw P, who it seems was introduced to the gospel by J! He gave her a word of wisdom pamphlet, and she called us over and was asking questions galore. Hopefully we'll be able to see her again soon! She seemed interested in the prophet Joseph Smith. Had a bunch of appointments fall through, and found this guy who wanted us to pray over some pamphlets he had coined called "Keep on Praying". Not knowing what to do, Elder Harvey just prayed that the guy would be able to help people come to Christ. We ended up teaching EA from the Book of Mormon Stories next, and hope he can keep the commitment of coming to church this coming week. Finally we had institute, and I taught the Fall to a full house of like 8 or 9 people! It was great! While teaching, it took the pathway that the fall truly is the instrument used to point us eternally to the atonement of Jesus Christ. 

Pancakes again, saw PA, who asked more killer questions, and then then saw P for the first time in forever, who was ridiculously tired. Then we saw S with D, and it seemed she was stuck on the physical "signs" that other churches show of the spirit. I am afraid that she will stop progressing. Then we saw J, followed by the daughter of a less active, and went to see L and M with their brother E before the end of the day! I'm not sure what to think of them yet, but we'll see. 

We went to KCity for district conference, and President Heid told everybody at the leadership meeting that I was paying 1600 cedis a month to be here and they all just looked at me. Sooo much money to them. Felt a little uncomfortable. After conference we stayed in KCity and went out with the elders there.

We continued conference, attended a meeting on tithing settlements, and got back late enough that we only had time for a member to insist to feed us before weekly planning.

Good week!

For my spiritual thought this week, we were watching the video on Companionship Inventory during training, and Elder Bernal was saying something, and three words he said struck my heart. "Learn to Repent" I forgot the rest of the words he said, but these three have stuck with me. I realized that repentance is not something that is incredibly easy. Upon reflection of many of the trials and frustrations that have come both on mission and in my life, many of them came simply because I either did not know or recognize to repent, or did not repent completely. Repentance is the method by which we come to be closer to God and happier in our own lives. I have realized that repentance drives away contention, it drives away frustration and it is the process by which we can truly be saved.

I love you all!
Rockin' it!

Elder Harris

 A picture of J's baptism

Me with the leaving Elder Sargent!

KCity Zone Elders 

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