Monday, November 2, 2015

I Need to Start Thinking of My Titles During the Week.

I need to start thinking of my titles during the week. Nothing much to say either. No initial rant coming to mind, so I feel a little boring. Forgive me.

To the week:

We had district council, which was great, and (first I ate toast) I played the piano for district council. Hymns 60 and 266, almost flawlessly. I feel like a boss. Then, Elder Smith gave the instruction about engines. Engines. He went through everything super fast and left everyone super confused (obviously not me, bwahaha) and talked about how we need to make sure our investigators understand, and not just blow through everything without checking about it. 

After council, we taught Sister Theresa, who asked us a bunch of questions, as usual, and we went through lesson 3 for her recent convert lessons. She really has such a powerful testimony and presence. Then we failed a few appointments, and managed to see B at the end of the day, who asked questions like, get ready, "Was Mary still a virgin after she gave birth do Jesus?" It was an interesting conversation. Afterward we had Priesthood Executive Committee Meeting, with recent converts Bd and E to join as, as the new Sunday School and Elders' Quorum Presidents. My converts are doing awesome. 

I jazzed it up, and didn't have just toast. I had french toast. Key word, french. Awesome sauce. Then we failed appointments all morning, and went to see J, who brought a friend to his lesson on the Gospel of Christ! The friend, C,  said he would like to fellowship with us, but he's got his name written for something at Global Evangelical. Not quite sure what that means, so we'll figure it out. Then we saw Cr and his family and taught them the first halves of lesson two and the law of chastity. It's great when people are already doing good things, so they readily accept more good things! Then we saw Cy and Bt,  and taught Cy the first half of lesson 2, which she accepted readily. Then we saw JJ because no one showed up to institute and just taught him about the Holy Ghost. Then we sang hymns at the chapel with our recent converts and a couple of investigators, which was pretty nice.

Toast. Same old same old. Then we went out and saw Al, and taught her about the organizations in the church and also she asked about women and the priesthood, and answered her own question, which is nice. Then we saw Tn, a former investigator at the time the church wasn't in JCity, who may continue to progress now that it is! We'll see for him. Just did how to begin teaching, and left him thinking about the great apostasy. Hopefully it will go well for him! Then we saw Pr and I, and talked about the Book of Mormon, and answered some questions about singing and clapping, as well as tithes. Then we saw Bd and E, who we visited lesson 5 with, and I just love them. Super solid converts. Then we saw EA, who has not been reading at all, and has stopped progressing. Super sad. 

We went to a funeral in the morning time. Super different. Screaming pastor, really loud stuff, kinda like a weird party/church service. Odd. Afterwards, Brother Ai fed us some kenke and pepe, with the most horrifying fried fish of my life. Imagine a small fish. Now throw it in vegetable oil and fry it until it is rock hard. Now feed it to me, inner organs and all. Then we shared a message with his family about receiving comfort in Christ. Then we went to MCity to see Ma, who has been reading all the way to Alma! I pray we will be able to bring her to church! Then we saw P, who has, I think, finally grown her sincere desire and will do well! Then we saw Cr and finished lesson 2. 

We managed to have 10 investigators at Sacrament! Totally crazy! Ie and Pr came, and Pr shared his testimony and said he wanted to join the church when his parents would let him when he's older. Then we saw El's wife after church, who I pray will progress, and then her daughter Pl as well as La, who will be baptized later this month.

I've been thinking a lot this week about doing our best to manage time. Time is a limited resource that God has given us to use, and I wonder if we always make the best of it? Do we choose the best things before the better? Do I choose to use all the time I am given? Time is how we show things and people that we love them. How much time do we give to God? 

I love you so much!
In the words of my sister:
The church is true
The book is blue.

Rockin it
Elder Harris

By the temple, when we went to Accra for the eye glass clinic.

Playing pingpong in Scity.

With Sister D at her her Chop Bar.

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