Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Jago. This Week I Love Jago.

The other day we went to KCity or a zone activity! Hour and a half there, hour and a half back, just to play football!(soccer). Totes cray. Not my original idea of fun, but it was everybody else's. We beat the KCity elders, which was good, but then our tro tro broke down, and we ended up being there for the entire day, so the zone leaders told us to email today as well as clean in preparation for apartment inspections tomorrow morning. Joyous accord. Found out in KCity though, they have nice quality "Beats by Dre" for just 50 bucks. Awesome. Bluetooth or cord, depending on your needs. I pray one day I'll go back and buy some. 

Jago. This week, I have decided that I love Jago. Sweetened and condensed milk. When mixed with a larger amount of water, it's almost milk. Much sweeter, oddly, but it's almost milk! I might continue to pursue this Jago mixture. Delicious.

French Toast. I decided that I really enjoy it. I've also cut back from 4 slices to 2 slices in the morning, in an attempt to cease the weight gain.  I don't even buy fan ice (almost vanilla ice cream) anymore. Big changes in my life. #uncomfortablechanges #gonnabebuff #prollygottadomorepushups

Anyways, to the week!

Monday (after last email): 
We went out and taught B the first lesson with B, who at first didn't have time to come, and then the spirit touched his heart and told him to come out with us! He's so great! Then we saw Ir and her family, and they want to continue to meet with us, and listened to some lesson three, and so forth! 

Pancakes for breakfast, and then led the recitation in district council, had jolloff for lunch, and then saw Pr, followed by Hn, who took a good lesson on dispensations and prophets! Super solid and I hope he'll be able to keep some more serious commitments in the future! He does live a fair distance from the church though. Then we saw Ry, and taught lesson one, in which he and I shared about 20-30 minutes on historical evidences of the apostasy, which was flipping awesome. Educated investigators blow my mind, and I pray that he will have a desire to change as well as to learn. Then we saw Cr's family with JJ and taught them about the correct mode of baptism, which his wife was reluctant to accept. We'll continue to see and work on her. Then we saw Ba after our branch presidency meeting, and it turns out that while she was waiting for us, she'd started teaching her friends from the gospel principles manual about baptism! Totally solid! We corrected her on a couple points and added some good supplementary information and called it good. 

Made pancakes, went to market, and then had jollloff for lunch. Then we went to see SA for the first time in forever, and are currently seeing if he will want to keep commitments again. It seems like he as really reached a humble part of his life. Then we contacted this guy named DA, who had questions about tithing, and took everything ridiculously well! Super solid investigator from first talking to him, and I have great hopes for him. Then we saw Jt, who attempted to give us a couple of referrals, and then we taught her the Word of Wisdom. So good! Just willing to live and learn! Then we saw Gy and his friend Pr, and taught them Lesson 1 as recent convert lesson, very basically. Then we stayed at the chapel for tithing settlements, and closed the day.

Toast for breakfast, followed by seeing Pe, grabbing her baptismal information, and then running over the baptismal interview questions with her. There was a powerful spirit as she talked about how important repentance was. Then we saw Fr, our investigator Ly's mom, who doesn't seem very interested. Then we saw Cr and Jt and finished up teaching the lessons to them. Totally amazing people. Then we peeled cassava with Al, and I went and taught the institute class on Isaac and Jacob.

Toast for breakfast, and then went on exchanges with Elder Ajayi. We saw Ta and talked about the Word of Wisdom, followed by Titing withPA, who had questions from his reading in the Book of Mormon. Then we had lunch, and then we saw Eh and essenstially dropped her. That always hurts, but we can't waste time if they won't put anything in it. THen we saw Be and finished up recent convert lesson one, with Elder Ajayi speaking pigeon, and me... almost... speaking pigeon. Mostly just choppy English for me, haha. Then we saw Dl again, and found out he can't read! So sincere though! He had his little daughter read the pamphlet for him! He feels like the whole world is cut off from him since he can't read. Just about to bawl here, forgive me! Then we had all of our baptismal interviews and exchanged back!

French toast for breakfast, and then went to a meeting in KCity for branch presidencies, where we talked about tithing settlements, families and so forth. Then we went out and saw a few people in the evening. 

Meetings, gave a talk in sacrament, taught a class, tried to see a few people and failed, not much for the day.

We went to KCity and... you know the story.

I thought a lot this week about keeping a positive head and mental attitude! So often square shoulders can endure more of the trials that happen in this life! If we face them, ready to endure, God will be able to support us even more, just as he supported Ammon when he was bound by aggressive Lamanites! Great results!

Love you all!
Rock it!

Elder Harris

At the baptism of Cr, Jt and Pe.

Going into an apartment.

Me pounding fufu for an investigator.  Fufu is a swallow made of plantain and cassava. Pounded as shown, haha  Plantain is like... banana... thing... an cassava is like a potato... tuber... stringy... thing...

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