Monday, November 9, 2015

I'm Faat :'(

Everyone... I think I'm getting fat. My belly, according to my companion, has gotten like 5 or 6 pounds bigger. If this continues, when I go home, little children will poke my big belly and laugh at my immobility. I will be incapacitated by my size, and unable to ever find pride in myself.  I will change, and be strong! I'mma come home fairly ripped, just you wait! My 80 pushups a day will evolve into greater lengths! I'll jump rope like Bruce Lee, and Rocky! Just you wait... My belly... it shames me... forgive me all...

To the week:

District Council! Had coco porridge on the way, and played the piano, hymn 142! Then I gave the instruction on using time wisely, how our time on mission is sacred and limited. For the day also, it seems our original appointments all either fell through or were dodged. It seems the poeple we saw were all spontaneous! Good day! We saw Pr, and talked about how his parents were stopping him from being baptized, and about the importance of the priesthood, and this guy Dl (more on him later) came in on the lesson. Then we saw Rd, and when we retaught lesson 5, it seemed he pretty much remembered everything. What a stud! So proud of this guy! Such a powerful spirit!

Then we saw An a referral sister of a member in SCity, and we taught her the basics of lesson 1 with her friend Tn.  Both are around 11 years old. We talked to this guy by the mango tree in lowcost as well, his name was Ry, and he's super educated, and actually went to school and worked in Holland and Netherlands. Saw him a couple of days later. He remembered the missionaries who opened the area. Finally we saw Be, and taught her lesson 5 and gave her a gospel art book. It was a really powerful moment. She was so happy to receive her Gospel Art Book, and realized it was the closest thing to scripture she had. She can't read English, so these pictures of Jesus Christ and prophets in the Book of Mormon and Old Testament are her ability to study. It really hit me powerfully that day.

Had toast, went to the market, and ate Banku for lunch. Then we saw Gl for the first time in a long time, it seems like he went to school in ACity, and he was happy to find us again to study with us. After reviewing with him he said he would join the church eventually! I pray it goes well. Then we saw Jt and taught the first half of lesson two, followed by Pk, who got glasses at the eyeglass clinic, so he can finally read the book of mormon! He even got angry at some people denying the existence of God and just opened up the Book of Mormon and had them read, haha. Then we saw Mh for the first time, and we talked about how he wanted to go to our church, but he doesn't want to split his family, since they are all going to a different church. Then we finished the day by working on some records that we fell behind on.

Made french toast, tryin' to get more protein in my diet, haha. Found a bunch of cockroaches all of a sudden, as well a swarm of ants out back. Litterally hundreds of them that cleared up after it rained. Then we went to the chapel to have a quick meeting with President Kassah. Then we saw Pe and finished lesson 5 and tithing, followed by another meeting with Dl. Then we saw Ry, our tree guy, who was just astounded by the fact that the Book of Mormon contained more stories of Jesus! We'll meet with him later this week. Then we wandered around to find Hn, who called us after reading the pamphlet, who had good, sincere questions, which was great! He also understood really well. Then Ba and Ob, and we taught them about the one true church and things like that. They said they would be able to come to church next week! Then we saw Pl and Ly, and taught them lesson three and the law of chastity after they ran through the rain home from school, haha. Finally we had institute, and taught about Am and Ic.

Had french toast, the Bodines came by with sandwiches, had correlation, and then failed a few appointments before lunch. Then we saw Jt, and talked about lesson 2, and JJ reviewed tithing, and failed a few more appointments. 

Toast for breakfast, and then we went out and saw Gl again, and we taught him lesson two, which he took fairly well. Then we saw My and encouraged her to study the scriptures and come to know for hereself a knowledge of the truth. I think she has realized it is something she really wants to do now.  Then we had lunch, and saw Aa with Rl, who bore a powerful witness of the restored church and Jesus Christ. Je and El followed that, Je invited his friend to our lesson(love this guy) and we taught him, and think that he might be interested in the future. Then we saw Ir and her family, who had dozens of questions. They committed to be baptized, but Ir said she couldn't come because her church was having a program on sunday. Sigh. 

We watched conference in church, and the Branch President was gone, so I was essentially in charge. It's pretty stressful, making sure everything happens and stuff like that. Totes cray. Then we had essentially a painful bible bash with a guy who would just not listen before we planned. Totally sad.

Time is short today! Forgive me! Perhaps I wll just share how important it is to be the small and simple thing that the Lord will use to do His work! In Helman 5, my favorite character in the Book of Mormon is Aminidab, who is only mentioned for a few verses, but by his testimony rather than the testimony of these grand prophets were all of his contemporaries converted! We each affect the lives of so many people around us we can't even know!

Love you all!
Rockin' it!

Elder Harris

Exchanges in ACity

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